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2012 Album

Comin' Home (CD)

SKU: 364215375135191

    1. Comin Home- Candy Coburn, Josh Carroll, Todd Gummerman 

    2. That Thing You Do- Candy Coburn- Candy Coburn, Josh Carroll 

    3. Feel Good Love-Candy Coburn 

    4. Feels Like Home-Candy Coburn 

    5. Me and Bobby McGee - Writers: K. Kristofferson, F. Foster 

    6. All About You-Candy Coburn, Josh Carroll 

    7. Dont Walk Away-Candy Coburn,Josh Carroll, Josh Long 

    8. Lucky Ones-Candy Coburn, Josh Carroll 

    9. That Thing You Do (Extended Version) - Candy Coburn, Josh Carroll 

    10. Rolling Stones- Candy Coburn, Josh Carroll

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