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This is a page dedicated to those we love who have been “heros” in our lives. Each person who purchases an album or product from the Candy Coburn store can send in a name of a loved one to honor/remember/celebrate. The song, “Walk Tall” is a song dedicated to these people who are in the middle of a battle, have lost their battle or are simply people who help inspire us to our very best!


Special thanks to those of you who were a part of the Kickstarter campaign for the making of my new album, “THE GOOD LIFE!” Because of you the amazing girls from my SOULful INSPIRation Music Project of Austin were able to sing background vocals on this song! YOU ALL have been an inspiration to me and I will continue to write music inspired by moving stories you have sent in to me. I would love to hear from others out there-please share your story! I would like to post a story on this page each month to feature our WALK TALL Hero! Thank you so much for making this album possible!





In Memory of... 

  • In Memory of Marie D. Tucker by Candy Coburn & family

  • In Memory of Theodosia K. McEnerney  by Mary Deming

  • In Memory of my grandfather Ray Bowlby by Renee Sferro

  • In Memory of Robert Lowell McComb by Brenda Coburn

  • In Memory of my daughter Christine Marie Nicolai by Wendy Nicolai

  • In Memory of my brother Matthew Christian Young by Abby Atwell

  • In Memory of Lorraine Litviak & Patricia Biederman by Bil Litviak

  • In Memory of Carol Ann Richey by Carlie Spence

  • In Memory of Bevena "Bena" (Boyd) Gudmundson & Magnus & Phyllis Gudmundson

  • In Memory of my daughter Christine Marie Nicolai by Wendy Nicolai

  • In Memory of my brother Matthew Christian Young by Abby Atwell

  • In Memory of Cindi DeLisle and Christopher Ford by Deena Hulen

In Honor of... 

  • In Honor of Vicki Simmons & LaDonna Sparks by Cindy Adams

  • In Honor of Ann Wilkerson by Carol Strodtman

  • In Honor of my one and only father Jeff Parker by Ashlea Parker Riggan

  • In Honor of Kimme Lyssy-Abner, Linda Gozalez & Rev David Riddle by Nancy Scholl

  • In Honor of Luke McKeon by Michael Anders

  • In Honor of Ben Kruse by Amy Kruse Christian

  • In Honor of Zoey Smith by Tamara Bennett

  • In Honor of Pete Putnam by Erin & Chris Turnley

  • In Honor of Paul and Ann Cantin, Jim and Pat D'Alesi by Lisa Canti

  • In Honor Michelle Pyle Bollinger, Matthew Long, Shirley Scherer by Sandi Walker

  • In Honor of Patricia Click by Anngie Hampton

  • In Honor of Dora Jean and Lee Austin, Jr by Renee Steele

  • In Honor of Carly Trent by Deena Hulen

  • In Honor of Catherine Black and Lindsay Black Sue Marshall and Ranelle Rubin. Bill Wilson, Walter Hailey, Barbara Hailey, Werner Erhard by Suzanne Bush Black

  • In Honor of Patty Lawrence by Shayne Brock

  • In Honor of Ann Yoshimoto by Bridget Grams

  • In Honor of Joe and Ann Churchill by Julie Churchill

  • In Honor of Jimmy Brown by Valerie Russell

  • In Honor of Dr. Lynn Disbrow by Lisa Uhl

  • In Honor of Splashdown by JTodd

In Celebration of... 

  • In Celebration of my amazing mom-Vicky Weldon by Ashley Warthen

  • In Celebration of God, Ministry of Pine Cove, John Brillante & Ashton, Avery, Allye, Lilly, Maci, Bee Bee & Priscilla by Joy Brillante

  • In Celebration of Brenda Flores, Michelle Flores & Tammy Hoff by Trae Flores

  • In Celebration of Paul Zuniga, David & Avery Zuniga, Ken & Bonnie Bowen, Amanda Smalley, Joan Hickman, and Cindy Staley by Daphne Zuniga

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