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One passion Candy has hoped to focus on for quite awhile is helping others who are starting out in this business.  She has been doing new artist coaching and workshops over the past several years. She has been invited to speak and teach at middle schools, high schools, the University of Missouri, Stephens College and others.  This is an area she has always been passionate about–speaking, teaching and guiding other aspiring artists in the business of Music.  She meets with new artists and qualifies their goals, strengths, weaknesses, then forms a game plan to build the foundation it takes to have a fair start in this business. So, after several years of heavy touring, with limited time to dedicate to helping these folks, she is excited to finally be able to expand into Personal One-on-One and Group Workshop coaching sessions.

Candy began her journey on this unknown road by taking monthly trips to Nashville and many other cities for seminars, networking and meetings. This was a very long road initially with no REAL mentors or trustworthy direction. During this time, it was a road of TRIAL and ERROR. Candy will surely tell you the best way to describe what she feels she CAN give of value is WHAT NOT TO DO in this business.


There are hundreds of people that will TELL YOU what you want to hear and make statements of what they can do for you, but unfortunately the majority of them usually end up with a HIGH DOLLAR AMOUNT $$$ to pay them – and of course the promise to “make your dreams come true”.

Starting your business is like going to a foreign country. You have to learn the culture, most importantly the language, and then of course, the LAWS OF THE LAND.  Candy’s goal is to help get your feet on the ground with HONEST, realistic expectations.  She also hopes to help you determine if this is the business for you or if you may just prefer to utilize and enjoy music as a part-time hobby or ministry.  Candy hopes through these sessions to proudly send you out better equipped for your music journey!

Now, no way do we claim here that these services and workshops guarantee to magically launch you into an easy, effortless life on the road, big money and countless awards.  But what can they do?  The can give you a solid path toward building the foundation. The music business is about 5 percent music and (unfortunately) 95% BUSINESS. Candy doesn't claim to be a PhD in Music Business.  She is a mere fine arts graduate from Mizzou (Go TIGERS!). However, she has REAL ROAD WARRIOR experience for over 9 years as a full-time touring Singer/Songwriter over 30-plus states, commercial jingle writer, Indie Record Label and Publishing Company owner, and Komen Celebrity Ambassador with several major national corporate tour sponsorships.


I have been where you are now!  I hope I can help cut some time off of your search for information, and I believe it is well worth the time and money. I believe I have had the experiences through this journey for a reason. I have always wanted to give back. I am excited to finally be expanding into new areas. I love playing live music and ALWAYS will—but this is something I feel I am supposed to do. I would have loved any help at the beginning of my career and I hope I can help some of you! Keep Rockin!”


 - Candy 

Topics Covered:

Business Tax

Business/Tax - Informing new artists about setting up their own company and LLC (accounts, tax info, payroll, insurance


Cover important information on PRO organization affiliation, establishing a Publishing Company, Copyright registration, etc.


 Discuss the new ways to promote (online Facebook, sponsorships, merchandise etc.)​

Booking & Getting Paid

Talk about how to run business, book properly, booking agents, commissions, etc.​

Entertainment Attorneys & Management

Discussing the legalities (including entertainment attorneys, contracts, representation)

Indie Record Label

What and Why?  Sharing ideas from personal experience of starting without a Major Record Label and discussing how the indie label is gaining popularity (including the new business model, ownership of your material).


New options of selling your music, New models, what makes sense for YOU.


Provide some info on songwriting and ways to get plugged in and network through various ways—book suggestions and recommendations of some organizations to get plugged into.

Constructive Critique

You are encouraged bring along at least one song to perform and be given a personal critique.  This is an area that I am very honest about. I believe everyone has something they can work on (INCLUDING ME FOR SURE).  If you’re a songwriter please bring your own material as well as a cover.

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NOTE—All Information listed may not be covered in total at one session.  Most workshops will cover the majority if not all of these topics.  Individual Coaching will be “comfort fitted” to that individual covering areas that focus on their goals.


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