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Loma Jean Records

Candy created her indie record label, Loma Jean Records, in 2004.  

She is proud of her “little–but all mine” label which has successfully released 6 records as of 2016 with plans for many more to come. 

Q: What is Loma Jean Records?

A:  Loma Jean Records is an indie record label based out of Austin, TX. This label handles only Candy Coburn at this time. It was established in 2004. The label was created to bring music to music lovers like us without all of the red tape. It is simple—our philosophy is to make music, share it and ENJOY it. It is made possible by a core team of amazing people who believed in doing music for PEOPLE. We hope to encourage new artists to DO YOUR THING and don’t go changing just trying to please!  Be yourself and love who you work with like I do!



Enjoy the Ride - 2004

Rev It Up - 2007

Lucky - 2009

Comin’ Home - 2012

Shine - 2013

The Good Life - 2016

Love Revival Live - 2021

Q: How do I contact Loma Jean Records to get licensing for use of material from Candy Coburn’s original catalog?

A: For all Loma Jean Records inquiries please submit your request here: 
















Q: Who is Loma Jean?

A:  Loma Jean has been possibly THE most important INFLUENCE to plant the seed of what we now call “Candy’s career.”  Loma Jean is the name of Candy’s grandmother from Western Kentucky. Loma taught Candy the love of music and singing - probably shortly before Candy was walking and maybe even before speaking.  Loma Jean WAS the reason performance was in Candy’s blood as early as she remembers. Candy adores her grandmother still to this day and whenever she gets a chance to make it down to visit her in Louisiana, you also might catch them doing a Gospel Brunch on a Sunday together if your lucky to hear them sing a few classics she grew up doing.

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