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This Love Revival Movement is a dream God placed on my heart years ago.


I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that God made me to just be “me.”


I didn’t have to compare or compete with others, or try to be like others. He made us all perfectly unique.  

My life has been full of big ups and big downs. It was only after these destructive counterfeits that I found The 12 Steps. I learned how I could find real joy walking in a brand new relationship with God. I experienced a total paradigm shift and realized that my real purpose down here on earth is to help shine God's BIG LOVE on others.


I hope I get to meet you and your community to spread this movement around the world. BIG LOVE and blessings to each of you new, dear friends. God Loves you and so do I!

- Candy 

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I welcomed grace, mercy, kindness and a fresh start through Him, which completely changed my life perspective. I realized how much LOVE I have to give back to the world now that my source was connected to the God, who had allowed me to never fall too hard that I could not come back to Him. 

The dream God grew in my heart was about being a part of creating opporuntites where people could experience the Love of God through the wide palette of creative Arts.


I truly believe every single person has a gifting they can use to express God’s love to others. What if we all used our unique skillsets to bless others? 


I believe one of my giftings is bringing people together for a common goal. I am honored to get to connect people together to bring dreams into a reality. "What lights you up?"  is the new first question I ask most people.

 As a good friend tells me… I can recognize and then …“Pull the Gold out of others.”

When we know what others feel passionate about-we can be a part of creating community that actually cheers on one another! 

I love being a part of seeing others find their passion, purpose and path God made them to run in. 

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I love coming to speak, share my story through song bringing encouragement for others to break on through to find the true freedom, joy and the Big Love that God always has dreamed for us to live in!


My dream is to make my life a LOVE REVIVAL Movement!


I get the great opportunity of helping walk alongside many men and women every day who are learning how to get free from all the lies the enemy tells us. 


I love having the opportunity to share my story of God’s radical love with others. That usually looks like a lot of not taking myself too seriously, laughter, some soul-filling songs, encouraging words and most definitely big hugs by all!

What if we continued to raise up the next generation to truly know they were uniquely and completely perfectly made?


What if they all truly knew they are daughters and sons of the most High King and that they were created as "limited edition, one of a kind models" to do mighty works of His big love in this world?!

Now that is something that lights me up & I would love to be a part of for the rest of my days!:)

I hope I get to meet you and your community to spread this movement around the world. BIG LOVE and blessings to each of you new, dear friends. God Loves you and so do I! 


- Candy

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