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I'm Candy Coburn and thanks so much for checking out my new and improved website!Here you’ll find all you would ever wanna know about this passionate Kentucky/ Missouri/Texas gal. If there’s any detail we’ve left out, feel free to ask!

I love my life. I love my family. I love Jesus. That’s who I am!

My husband and I have been married for almost 3 decades! We have three very unique, passionate kiddos and one sweet doggie. We are by no means shiny or anywhere near perfect, but we know we’re lucky to have each other. (I’m not sure anyone else would want this irreverent crew! Ha ha!)

As proud Austinites, we truly appreciate all the warmth and sunshine around us. We love living near a beautiful lake,  blessed with unbelievably friendly fellow big dreamers, and being a part a community full of passionate, give-back organizations that are making a difference!


We also love being a part of advocacy and awareness for foster care/domestic adoption and are so blessed to have our sweet gal, whom we adopted right here in central Texas!

BWhappy-stage left-JasonEvan.JPG

My path has been a wild one! I grew up in Western Kentucky, living a life resembling some of the country songs.  I heard on my Grammy’s turntable and crooned along with. Our lives were about thirty percent Kenny Rogers, Gatlin Bros, and Loretta Lynn and seventy percent gospel. It just goes to show that things really do work together for good! My Southern rock roots were always planted down deep, just waiting to blossom around a solid gold foundation of sweet harmonies and rich lyrical story telling goodness.

From birth, I have been a massive dream, God believer, a lover of people, and a full-time hope dealer. I’m trying to leave this sweet world kinder and better than how I found it. Whether I’m playing live shows at a stadium, leading worship in a church, speaking at a conference, or teaching to equipt and inspire, my hope is that everyone around me will have experienced God’s big love and goodness in a tangible way!

I love speaking, singing, and hugging it out to give God’s encouragement to people. I love to root people on, and help them realize  that everyone has a second, third or even forth act left in them. 

Having seen the power of God, transform my life in the second half has ignited a fire in me to help others find their true passion. God keeps showing up in new ways and I can’t wait to see what He does next! My prayer is every day, God will use me in a new way to be a “love revival” starter.

It seems I know less and less as the years progress and I’m more and more OK with it. Control is a really not a thing… but this joyride into my ‘grown-up’ years has finally blessed me with a little ‘learn-as-you- go’ wisdom.☺ 

When I am long gone, singin’ up in Gloryland someday, my dream is that my music, my words, my actions and my life -will have shown a whole lotta ‘big love’ into this world!

Today and every day’s goal: to shine "Big Love" and hope in every lane I travel and to always bring some joy and fun to everyone I encounter!

Please enjoy the rest of the site ..(and the full biography if you would like more info:) 

Big Love & Blessings to you and thanks for being a part of my adventures!



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