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Currently Seeking Financial Partners to Launch This Amazing Product!

The GIG ARMOR Case Company was created with the needs of professional musicians in mind. 

For hard working musicians who are looking for gear to make performing life easier, GIG ARMOR is rugged gear that makes an impact because we support the music community.  Our designs are created by a team with a collective 100 years of road experience and this line of multipurpose products will truly innovate the way you gig. 

Candy found after years of touring with limited space to get gear to fit in a trailer and/or bus, there was a need to have a "smart" system of cases for getting gear safely from place to place in rugged cases with many built-in features. This product is patent pending and was designed and developed By Musicians; For Musicians. There are many other exciting products in the pipeline for Gig Armor to accommodate all your gear "gigging" needs. This gear is not only limited to musical equipment, it can be used for a host of other gear.. i.e... cameras, guns, computers, tattoo equipment, you name it- it is made to be customized to transport gear safely... whatever your "GIG" is.



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