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"Candy Coburn is a real talent, a real entertainer…the real deal!"

- Dave Marsh , Springfield, IL WFMB

"I really dig her live performances. Tons of passion and energy. Very entertaining and talented!"

- Mike Kennedy, Kansas City, KBEQ

From the moment she hits the stage, you sense Candy Coburn is not your run-of-the-mill chick singer. Bringing her own high-energy style, great music and signature green guitars to the stage, Candy puts on a show that rocks! 

Growing up in Western Kentucky, Southeast Missouri and part-time in Texas makes for quite an interesting melting pot of experiences and influences for a career in music. When asked who her biggest influences are she will tell you the list is too long to rattle off in less than an hour and that the list would include some of the unique characters in her family as well.


Candy will tell you herself, "I truly LOVE my job, but most of all I love getting to enjoy SHARING music with other fellow music lovers. We are all the same, just on different sides of the microphone. Live music is about people "living music" together. It's not about "me." I thank every listener for making my job possible." 


“Holy crap! Why is this girl not headlining shows everywhere? She is flat out awesome!”

— Coyote Calhoun

Kansas City, MO KBEQ

"Once in a great while a song comes along that speaks to everyone. “Don’t Walk Away” will take its place next to the timeless classics that people will be singing to themselves 20 years from now. Candy Coburn reached way down deep to write and perform this song and it will touch your heart."

— Dan Caldwell

Louisville, KY WAMZ


"Candy Coburn is a true professional! Not only is she great looking, a great singer, but she is a great performer! We're glad to call her our friend! The Wolf loves howling with Candy!"

— Colby Ericson

Wichita, KS KVWF


In an industry full of what I perceive as "pretty girl singers" what sets Candy apart is her genuine love of music and what's more, her actual talent. As she put it, "I am a live performer first--I have never thought I wanted to be 'vocalist of the year.' My goal is to do what very few women have done, to have a strong tour that is as strong as Kenny (Chesney), Keith (Urban), Brad (Paisley) and sell out every time. I want to get a chance to do that and bring some of the most unique concerts to the fans. I have dreams about it and hope I get the chance to do it. I love to rock and I know fans do too. They want something different--that 'experience' I mentioned earlier--totally different from just sitting and listening to the record."

—Jonathan Pinkerton

 Nashville Entertainment Examiner