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MORE Movement

"This MORE Movement is to create a safe place where people of all ages come together and encourage each other to bring all of their broken pieces. A place God takes these pieces, reveals the dream He has put in our heart and builds a masterpiece of change through us as a tribe." 

Candy Coburn, from "7 Steps to The MORE You're Been Searching For"

From the bottom to the top to the very bottom... My life pattern of MORE from over eating as a kid, starving myself as a young woman, my rise as a country music star, my tragic growing pains to get free.


MORE! I have always loved pretty much more of anything and everything. If a little is good, then why wouldn’t more of it be better, right? When I began to work on a concept for what I hoped to “do” with my life and actually what I hoped someone would say about me when I was long gone… I kept coming back to this word, “MORE.”

I won't bore you with the full novel, but I want to share my story in the “Cliff Notes” version so you might just hang here with me a bit. If anything dings a bell for you please consider inviting me to your neck of the woods to give you the full beautifully brutal unabridged Jerry Springer meets Steel Magnolias story of my life. How I roasted it completely flying solo on my own. How God redeemed my broken and messed up heart and created a new thing

After 40 years of life, believing “MORE” of everything I tried on this earth would fill what I call my “God-Sized Hole”,  I am here to tell you there REALLY is a "MORE" that is a good thing! One that lasts.. One that I can depend on.. I found that God’s amazing grace WAS the "MORE" I had always been searching for. God’s fierce grace is changing my life daily! My life was a living country music song gone wrong-and now it is a rockin’ revival completely unrecognizable from even 3 short years ago. I thought I knew how to run this “Candy coated” show but only ending up being a “Candy coated HOT MESS!” 

My obsession with being in control and being gripped by fear finally caught up with me. God has called me to get totally transparent in every area of my life. My mission is about a "MORE" movement....except this "MORE" looks completely different than it did the first forty years of my life. It has true meaning. It fills my spirit. It actually makes me happy and joyous in my soul. And allows me to give grace and receive it even for myself-on a level I could've never comprehended.

My destructive love of "MORE"





 All led me to very dark and lonely places.

God was there... waiting for me… he had been there all along!

Patiently protecting me from my own self, he had a plan for my life that led me here to you today! 

I am committed to come alongside others helping them get real, deal with the junk that plagues us and walk this life together. We encourage each other to live honestly, bravely, and fearlessly.


I hope to empower women to live their truth with courage so they can enjoy this sweet gift of freedom God so freely gives us but we so rarely embrace.


I hope to help them avoid the dark valleys I walked through to finally see that God's fierce grace WAS the only "MORE" I ever needed.

God has me called me to share my story and the healing I have experienced.


He has called me vulnerable and fearlessly ready to be bold in sharing my own my brutally beautiful story.

No matter what your path looks like, it is NEVER too late to find the MORE you’ve been searching for...


and the best part is, it is free!

- Candy Coburn 

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